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Questions without answers
Guidance without trust
Work without advancement
Debt without results
Fear without solution
Stress without relief
Voices without plans
Faith without belief


Mindless Puppet

They pluck your strings so expertly.
They wind you up like toys.
Until these grown adults become
Unruly girls and boys.
Their inflammatory language
Manipulates your fears.
Must you stay a mindless puppet
Or can you keep your reason clear?


The front is blocked by pain.
The back is barred by pride.
The left and right are long-closed doors
And none can see inside.


Every side of a coin:
Some even true

Of Silence

One is warm and welcoming
It speaks of comfort
Of understanding and love

One is chill and frightening
It speaks of danger
Of strange presences and hatred

Is it the air? The lights or scents?
Or is it a sense of the soul?
Imagination run riot?
Or an edge that keeps you whole?

Deprived of Tinder

A circle long doused.
Among the sodden cinders
Lurks a spark,
Strong and steady,
Deprived of tinder:

Bite after Bite

Bite after bite
Of tasteless, worthless hatred
Stuffed into the mouth
By cold, callous hands.
Over-sated and un-pleasured,
The stomach screams.
But those unflinching hands
Shovel on.

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