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Sweet Lilting Songs Haiku

The sweet, lilting songs,
All projecting aggression:
Feathery puzzle

Scattered Rainbows Haiku

Bright, scattered rainbows:
Magical beings or gifts
That lift up spirits

Life’s Clock Haiku

A hamster running
On the ever-turning hands:
Both motor and moved

Precious Progress

Plans, ambitions, and dreams:
Forces of power and action
Hampered by invisible foes
Like an agency by bureaucracy,
A runner by sand or storm,
An engine by lack of fuel,
And a printer with a broken port.

Cut off from communications,
Slowed by hidden hurdles,
Or immobilized and drained.
Plans fail to be made
Or if made, fade like mirages,
Occasionally visible -
Impossible to touch.
Actions and goals are hard-won
Not only in their success
But in even partial attempt.
Requiring strength of will
Beyond the shallow norm
To push beyond barriers
And fight for each fraction
Of precious progress.

Chilly White Glow Haiku

A chilly white glow:
The golden warmth of the beams
Transformed by the snow.

Chilly White Glow Haiku

A chilly white glow:
The golden warmth of the beams
Transformed by the snow.

Magnified Regard

A word under a scope
In magnified regard
Becomes wrong, false -
Doubt colors it
And thus taints it
In form and order
Even in meaning.
Yet the word itself
Remains unchanged
With the only falseness
In the viewer.

Prism Haiku

Solitary beams
Striking faceted crystals
Returning magic


Standing, strident, and visible
Somehow unseen, unheard.
Unnoticed and unknown.
Or simply unremarked.

One plus one equals two
Can addition be made
From digits unseen?
From actions unknown?

Without fingers to buttons,
No results are calculated.
Without fingers to keys
Or vibrations to chords,
No stories are told.

Two and two are four,
But one unseen equals three.
Sets of two is two, and
Sets of four is one.
Answers change
As angles shift.


Old Expectations

A once-orderly canal:
Directing and controlling,
Employing the power
And might of the waters.
Now abandoned, unkempt
But still visible, remembered,
Becomes more hazardous
Than an always-wild river.
Old expecations defied
With sudden currents
And hidden hazards.

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