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Easy or impossible?
X-ray of the future or
Predetermined failure?
External pressures,
Constantly applied by
Those we like and love (or
At least imagined so) or
Truly personal goals?
Inspiration or prison:
One or both can be true.
Now, then, or later –
Save what you choose.

Encompassing Roar

Encompassing roar:
A dragon’s breath blasting forth
A most welcome heat

Over Time at Once

So many small pressures
Added unobtrusively
Over time, unnoticed

So many small cracks,
Patched constantly,
Over time, unending

So many small pressures
Released suddenly,
At once, incredible

So many small cracks
Revealed completely,
At once, unmistakable

Maple Seeds

Wing and weight in one,
Dizzied in mad, frenzied flight
Made hopeless by stone

A Constant Chorus

A constant chorus:
Flutes, whistles, woodwinds, and strings –
Feathers, branches, breeze.

Long Before

You only live until you die,
And though that’s true,
It’s still a lie.
For heart and mind can perish, too,
Long before they bury you.

Whispering Secrets

Whispering secrets:
Bottled, burgeoning pressure
Chained by a promise

Unfortunately Able

Unable to live,
Unable to die,
Unforunately able
To keep asking why.

Again and Again

Again and again, they walk the path:
Same steps, same sights, same sounds.
Again and again, they are surprised
When the same results are found.

What I Meant

What I meant,
What you heard:
Does the first matter
Without more words?

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