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Taking the Week Off

Now that I’ve missed > 1.5 days of posts, I decided to make it official. I’m taking the week off. Merry everything and talk to you next year!

– Em

Changing How Deathwalker & Wind Town Post

Hi! As the titles says, I’m changing how Deathwalker and Wind Town post. There are two big reasons for this:

  1. Some people may want novel updates but not poem updates.
  2. I don’t want to have to have two locations for the same text anymore (the partial post and the full chapter).

What I’m going to do instead is post to separate pages for the two novels and start updating them by the chapter. If you want updates for those posts, you’ll need to go to the sites below and sign up on those pages since this site will not have posts to let you know about those updates (though I’ll try to add something to one of the menus that reflects those posts).

I don’t know yet how often I’ll be able to post a chapter. My goal will be a minimum of 1 post a month for each book; however, we all know how good I am at keeping those goals when my paying jobs get in the way (*Bad, Em!*).

If anyone has comments, questions, or concerns, please, let me know. And thanks, as always, for reading!



Coming Back Soon

Staples Back of HeadHi, everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve had some interesting medical issues lately. Let’s just say that the doctors have been playing with my head (and a stapler).

In any case, I’m not quite back to normal yet, so getting back to writing in a semi-normal schedule is going to be a slow process – a little bit at a time. I’m starting with some posts on Words & Deeds (see “Emma in Transferland” for more), and I plan to write for twytte as inspiration strikes for a while.

Honestly, I really want to get back to the novels because it’s been ridiculously long since they’ve been updated. But that’s going to take some time.

Thanks for your patience and for reading! Let’s hope that this is the last interruption for a while!

Just So You Know

Hi, Everyone, I’m still working on the domain transfer. It’s not supposed to take this long, but the original host has a pending action and seems to be taking its time finishing it (*sigh*). I’m looking into how to speed them up (I’m open to suggestions). Until it gets done, however, I’m going to continue […]

via Transfer Delays — Words & Deeds

Sorry for Not Sharing This Sooner

I had hoped to start updating both blogs by the beginning of September. Unfortunately, the herniated disc takes more out of me than I expected, and I didn’t manage it. My new goal is October for restarting. Thank you for your patience!

For those who don’t follow Words & Deeds, here is an excerpt and link to the original post about the delay.

So… no new posts to Words & Deeds for almost a month. Sorry about that. I dropped the ball. Then, after a day or two of pondering how to make time to go back and pick the ball up, I cursed loudly and kept walking (and taking care of the things that pay the bills… […]

via Articles to Resume in September (I hope) — Words & Deeds


Update on Novel Posting Schedule(s)

For those of you waiting for new novel posts, sorry! I am hoping to add to at least one of them tonight. Until then, here is an update on the novel posting schedule(s).

I hate to say it, but novel posts are going to have to reduce to one a month. Between my main job and starting a realty business, I simply can’t put the time and thought into them on a weekly or biweekly basis that is needed to keep the quality up. And if I rush them, my plotting is likely to go all to Hades and leave me in a real pickle for later updates.

If/when my schedule opens up again, I will revisit this. Until then, expect novel updates once a month. Thank you for your patience, and, as always, thanks for reading!


Priorities: Multiple Jobs & Potential Effects on the Blog

Hey! How are ya? Probably not real interested in reading about priorities when the novel update’s late. Again. Right? *headdesk*

Of Priorities & Novel Updates

I’m about 40 words away from being ready (I swear!), but I want to check with my time period resource (AKA Grandma) to fact-check it before I post it. It should be ready tomorrow.

Of course, it should have been ready Sunday or Monday. That’s where priorities come in.

Priorities & the Effect of Having Multiple Jobs

It may seem like I’m unreliable and bad with deadlines. I can totally see where you get that impression – repeatedly late novel updates; last-minute, late-night updates for Words & Deeds; updates about trying to do better; etc. It probably seems like I’m a bit flaky and unconcerned with pesky details (you know, like when I said I would do something).

*heavy sigh*

Unfortunately, if you only know me through these blogs, that impression isn’t going to change, but contrary to appearances, it’s not because I’m unreliable about deadlines – it’s because I was stupid enough to say deadlines that weren’t possible. Not really (ok maybe).

No, it’s because these blogs are not at the top of my list of priorities.

These days, I’m working full-time at my original job as well as trying to start my own business. I’ve also had multiple music performances and practices this month to take away more time. Those have been and continue to be my top priorities. Words & Deeds and twytte come after all of those things.

And it shows.

It shows in the late posts and the novels updates, especially. And, unfortunately, I can’t promise that that’s going to change. On the contrary, I can say that the post schedule will probably get even more unreliable as my second job takes off. I wish that weren’t the case (and I will try to keep to the schedule I’ve made), but I honestly don’t see this improving in the near future.

Someday, I hope to be back to 1 job again (cross your fingers). If/when that happens, my priorities will change, and the blogs can move back to regular updates. Until that golden, glowing day, however, this is the way it’s gonna be.

To summarize, a short dialogue:

A: Being an adult sucks.
B: Yep. And?


Novel Update Coming Soon

Hi, Everyone!

Don’t worry – I didn’t forget the novel update for last weekend. I just haven’t had a chance to touch it yet. I am hoping to have some time to work on it tonight or tomorrow. The two jobs are taking up just as much time as I was afraid they would (if not more – especially with classes and setup for the real estate).

Worst case scenario, I will post 2 novel updates (1 of each) on Saturday, but I am hoping that I will have something for you before then. (Cross your fingers!)

Thanks for your patience!

6 Word Short Story: Licensed to Sell

It begins: I passed the test!

Updates: A Week Off


As you may have guessed, I’m going to take a week off from my regular posting schedule. Why? Because I’m taking my real estate licensing test this week (and I need to study!).

I thought about trying to do all the posts for the week tonight (in lieu of a full night’s sleep), but that was wishful thinking. It wouldn’t work (I know better!).

So I’m going to do the adult thing and plan ahead – because I decinitely don’t want to have to take it again!

Regular posts should resume with the next novel update. I believe it’s Deathwalker‘s turn (sorry for any confusion caused by its delayed post coinciding with Wind Town‘s regularly scheduled post yesterday!).

As for the rest, wish me luck!!


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