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6 Word Short Story: Forgot

My mind took an unauthorized vacation.

6 Word Short Story: Whispers

Depression: You’re too tired to write.

6 Word Short Story: Nightmares

Dreams of insomnia keep me awake.

6 Word Short Story: Monday

Nope. Wake me when it’s over.

6 Word Short Story: Missing

Missing: one mind, used, somewhat forgetful

6 Word Short Story: Have You?

Have you ever had sweet dreams?

6 Word Short Story: Ghosts

Stories written in the mind: ghosts.

6 Word Short Story: He Thinks

He thinks his brain is unreliable.

6 Word Short Story: Extreme Dedication

Extreme dedication: poets published before thesauruses.

6 Word Short Story: Truth

Truth. Science is mine. And yours.

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