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Beauty’s Disguise

Make your waist look smaller.
Make your boobs look bigger.
Make your legs look longer.
Make your feet look shorter.
Hide. Cover. Enhance. Contour.
Disguise whatever looks like you.


The Sign Posts

The sign posts show the way
When to slow or pause or stop
Where one route joins another
Or breaks and flows apart
Without them no choice or all
An open meaning: directionless

It Changes

It changes
Through life’s many turns.
Closer. More distant.
Whether wished or not –
A fluctuation of time
A force of feelings
How to control it?
Reduce it? Increase it?
Whichever is wished
Comes the hardest of all.

Deprived of Tinder

A circle long doused.
Among the sodden cinders
Lurks a spark,
Strong and steady,
Deprived of tinder:

Bite after Bite

Bite after bite
Of tasteless, worthless hatred
Stuffed into the mouth
By cold, callous hands.
Over-sated and un-pleasured,
The stomach screams.
But those unflinching hands
Shovel on.

Walking Backward

Walking backward won’t recapture the past.
Re-creation makes only caricatures:
Hollow visions that cannot satisfy truth
Though they delude ignorant eyes
And break further knowing hearts.

A Hopeless Cause

A hopeless cause:
To save all
To help all

An abandoned cause:
Saves none
Helps none

A pursued cause:
Save some
Helps some

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