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A Message

A message in the bottle you keep in your pocket,
Floating in the ocean of a noisy party,
A crowded table, or an empty room.
Equally lost: no pulse, no breath, no heartbeat –
No response

Deep Breath

A deep breath, as though the air is anesthesia,
Numbing impatience and irritation when applied to the lungs.
Another chance, another breath, and still the temper grows
As if the dosage is too low, too weak or watered-down
Or as if the rage and annoyance have grown immune,
Built up a tolerance with each breath, each attempt
Until the eruption becomes inevitable.

Life Resists

Like a paused VHS, life resists the hold,
Squirming and stuttering against its grasp:
Time’s influence pushing and pulling.
Move! The same strings that pull you up
Now bind you in a fierce, unfriendly grip:
Frozen in constant motion.

Words Flow

Dust does not dull the pen
Though the ink may stutter,
Resisting first contact with the page,
But, like muscles cold from disuse,
It warms as the pen skips and flies
Until words flow as if never still.


It is not.
It will not be.
It will not have been
Or will not be believed,
Yet it was believed,
Even if it will not be.
Yes, will be or not
It was.

Dreams: A Poem of Disney Quotes

I had the idea of doing a poem entirely made out of Disney quotes, and the idea of dreams became the theme. Each line is a separate Disney quote, and while there are quite a few Disney quotes not represented (they didn’t end up fitting), I managed to use one or two from most of the most famous movies. See if you can recognize all of them. 😉

It was a fun experiment with an interesting result since the points of views of the quotes dictated a lot of the poem (one I wouldn’t normally have taken). I don’t know that I’d do it again. That said, I’d love to hear what you think!

I’ve been having this dream
(They say if you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true.)
I’ve been dreaming about what it might be like
I begin to dream that she might even care for me
Then, I wake up. Yes, it’s only in my dreams.
Hey, I can dream, can’t I?
“When you dream, you dream big.”
“Yes, you wish and you dream with all your little heart.”
They can’t order me to stop dreaming.
But like all dreams, well, I’m afraid this can’t last forever

“If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme”
What do you know about my dreams…?
I had a dream once…
Dreams are for rookies.
You give up a few things, chasing a dream
Far better than any dream girl is one of flesh and blood
Someone who can make all your dreams come true
To make my dream come true

A dream is a wish your heart makes.
My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.


An overachiever                A procrastinator
An extrovert                      An introvert
A tea-totaler                         A barfly
A talker                              A listener
A writer                               A reader
A watcher                               A dancer
A neat-freak                              A slob

All wrapped into one:
A singular mob.

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