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Deprived of Tinder

A circle long doused.
Among the sodden cinders
Lurks a spark,
Strong and steady,
Deprived of tinder:


Bite after Bite

Bite after bite
Of tasteless, worthless hatred
Stuffed into the mouth
By cold, callous hands.
Over-sated and un-pleasured,
The stomach screams.
But those unflinching hands
Shovel on.

Walking Backward

Walking backward won’t recapture the past.
Re-creation makes only caricatures:
Hollow visions that cannot satisfy truth
Though they delude ignorant eyes
And break further knowing hearts.

A Hopeless Cause

A hopeless cause:
To save all
To help all

An abandoned cause:
Saves none
Helps none

A pursued cause:
Save some
Helps some

Life’s Blood

Life’s blood: complimentary,
From the sky
From the tap
Ignored, accepted, dismissed,
Unless cascading from a crack

A Moment’s Thought

A dollar given:
Life-giving food
Or a swindler’s gain.
A dollar withheld:
Continued deprivation
Or a swindler’s irritation.

A vaccination given:
Life-saving protection
Or autism-inducing lie.
A vaccination withheld:
Life-less with others
Or perception’s pride.

A moment’s thought given
To both sides, both results
A possible change.
A moment’s thought withheld
From one side, one result
A gambler’s risk of pain.

Fame Does Not Make

Fame does not make a star
But a hollow likeness
Without shine
A true star makes fame
An effect of light inside

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