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A Moment’s Thought

A dollar given:
Life-giving food
Or a swindler’s gain.
A dollar withheld:
Continued deprivation
Or a swindler’s irritation.

A vaccination given:
Life-saving protection
Or autism-inducing lie.
A vaccination withheld:
Life-less with others
Or perception’s pride.

A moment’s thought given
To both sides, both results
A possible change.
A moment’s thought withheld
From one side, one result
A gambler’s risk of pain.


Fame Does Not Make

Fame does not make a star
But a hollow likeness
Without shine
A true star makes fame
An effect of light inside

Heard with the Soul

Heard with the soul:
A lifting of low,
A resonance of real,
An outlet of overflow,
A warming of wishes
In an ever-shifting dance
Of unchanging change

Don’t What

They don’t hear
What I don’t say
They don’t see
What I conceal
They don’t know
What they miss
I don’t know
What they feel

In Silent Action

Leisurely relaxing –
The slow savoring
Of flavors. Sounds.
Moments and sensations.
Available at a rate
Unavailable to the low –
Pushed through politely,
Welcome. Get out.
So warmly repeated
In silent action.

The 93rd

The last order given
Followed, unflinching.
Though cannons fired
Though bullets bit
Though man after man
Was lost to the rain:
The 93rd stood
Til the next order came.

Easing a Road

Easing a road
By shielding a spark
For self, others, all

Closing a door to another,
Cruelly, coldly, and callously,
To open a door for yourself or simply
To amuse

Building a platform –
Making a mask –
By buffing rough edges smooth,
By raising high the low,
For fear. Perhaps,
For pride alone.

Shaping a shield
By redirecting the aim
To hide a sin – forever of long enough
To get away.

Protection or advantage
Entertainment or life,
For others. For self.
For wrong. For right.
A gradual gradient
Or black and white?

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