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Shining Whiteness Haiku

A shining whiteness
Pushing past tightly closed blinds:
The first sign of snow.

6 Word Short Play: One That Ends with Y

A: I lost a day.

B: When?

A: Yes.

6 Word Short Story: Snow Day Victory

No work and no going outside.

A Seeming Instant

A meeting, a book,
A blink of the eye:
In a seeming instant,
Hours go by.
Or days or weeks
Or months or years.
Like a magician’s trick:
A life in mirrors.

Spun from Ice Haiku

Delicate flowers
Spun from hair-thin strands of ice:
Artistry of cold

Tension Released Haiku

Long amassed tension
Released without conscious thought:
A burst of laughter

Season’s End Haiku

Dry, curling branches
Drop needle upon needle
Forcing season’s end

6 Word Short Story: Post Vacation

Work: I don’t remember how anymore!


A better year or a better me?
Which of these is best to see?
A better year depends for whom.
And on their last year’s doom and gloom.
As for better me – better by whose score?
For whom should I be better for?
Yet if a better me be wholly true,
Would a better year be here, too?

Taking the Week Off

Now that I’ve missed > 1.5 days of posts, I decided to make it official. I’m taking the week off. Merry everything and talk to you next year!

– Em

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