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6 Word Short Story: Sticking

Sticking to deadlines like greased fingers.

6 Word Short Story: The Drag

Ow! Gravity is extra strong today.

6 Word Short Story: Snow Day Victory

No work and no going outside.

6 Word Short Story: Post Vacation

Work: I don’t remember how anymore!

6 Word Short Story: Forgot

My mind took an unauthorized vacation.

6 Word Short Story: Whispers

Depression: You’re too tired to write.

6 Word Short Story: Shield

Endless scrolling between me and thoughts.

6 Word Short Story: Nightmares

Dreams of insomnia keep me awake.

6 Word Short Story: Monday

Nope. Wake me when it’s over.

6 Word Short Story: Missing

Missing: one mind, used, somewhat forgetful

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