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Update on Novel Posting Schedule(s)

For those of you waiting for new novel posts, sorry! I am hoping to add to at least one of them tonight. Until then, here is an update on the novel posting schedule(s).

I hate to say it, but novel posts are going to have to reduce to one a month. Between my main job and starting a realty business, I simply can’t put the time and thought into them on a weekly or biweekly basis that is needed to keep the quality up. And if I rush them, my plotting is likely to go all to Hades and leave me in a real pickle for later updates.

If/when my schedule opens up again, I will revisit this. Until then, expect novel updates once a month. Thank you for your patience, and, as always, thanks for reading!



My New Year’s Resolutions Have a Catch 22

Remember my 3 goals for the year, “3 New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t Going to Be Easy“? Well, it turns out I may have understated the case. So far, my New Year’s resolutions have a catch 22 that’s got me in a kind of loop – when I start doing better at one, I start doing worse at another.

For example, making progress on 1 and/or 2 (setting up a writing space and writing ahead, respectively) usually makes me fail at 3 (getting enough sleep). Succeeding at 3, requires skipping work on 1 and 2 (for the most part), and that’s mainly what’s been happening (not good).

So what’s the plan?

Well, it occurred to me that setting up an office is more finite than the other two goals. Once it’s set up, it’s there, and keeping it is easier and less time-consuming (Obvious, maybe, but not when you’ve been losing sleep…). So if I push and get the office done, A. I’ll finish that goal for the most part (reducing my workload – yay!), and B. having a dedicated writing space will make the second goal (you know, the writing part) easier.

Win-win, right?

Eh…mostly. The one downside is that dedicating my energy to making that writing space is taking energy away from my writing. That means that Deathwalker and Wind Town posts will resume once the office is set up. But don’t panic! I’m hoping to have it done by the end of next week at the latest.

Then, I’m going to catch up on a sleep for a day or two (believe me, the writing will be better if I do), and then, I will start working on novel posts again.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

Bloodletting 0

             Cinnamon and blood. The warm spicy aroma once associated with cake and cookies mixed with the metallic wrongness until the once bright room blurred and bile burned its way up the back of her throat.
            Sudden pain in her head broke through the dizziness, and when she reached one shaking hand to her forehead, she realized that somehow she had ended up on the floor. She immediately pushed up to her feet only to stumble backwards, hitting the counter hard with her shoulders before sliding down the smooth cupboards to the cold tile. The shaking made the dizziness worse, and the quivering weakness of her muscles made the fear spread through her like blood.
            The reminder brought the smell back so strongly that she would have whimpered if she’d had the strength. There was something… Her shattered mind didn’t want to remember, so the images came like flashes of light through a murky haze. Unwillingly, she turned her head to the right and the pooling horror lying there. Tears and bile swelled as her small body shuddered. Gasping breaths racked her as she spun back and desperately tried to crawl away from the desecration of her childhood.
            Every inch was a struggle as she forced trembling muscles to reach and pull. She didn’t hear the footsteps or the hissing curse, but the warm drops down her face made her raise her head and whimper.

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