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Trying to Float

Trying to float
In a sea of uncertainty
When your body refuses to swim.
Desperately wishing
For energy, autonomy
While chained to an illness’ whim.

A Seeming Instant

A meeting, a book,
A blink of the eye:
In a seeming instant,
Hours go by.
Or days or weeks
Or months or years.
Like a magician’s trick:
A life in mirrors.


A better year or a better me?
Which of these is best to see?
A better year depends for whom.
And on their last year’s doom and gloom.
As for better me – better by whose score?
For whom should I be better for?
Yet if a better me be wholly true,
Would a better year be here, too?


Can’t Quite

I cannot sleep.
I can’t quite wake.
Caught, lost between,
I stumble and fake
And shake and break
And struggle on
For nothing’s sake.


“A sunbeam!” cried the mind,
And wandered on its way
Ignoring the little section
That said not to go astray.
“A rainbow!” grinned another part.
“A butterfly!” – “A squirrel!”
And thus that tiny diligent piece
Was lost within the swirl.

Not Sick and Not Well

Not sick and not well:
It’s a moderate hell
Of maybes and mostlys
And too-soon-to-tells
Where the only thing certain
Is not everything’s swell
Like a fall with no landing
Or a round with no bell.

So Familiar

Words striking a chord –
Old, comfortable friends
Never heard before
So familiar when said.

A trick of the mind,
A wish of the soul –
Not particularly kind,
Calling parts to a whole


Each change a risk,
Each risk a fear:
Hiding deep behind the mob,
The risk of staying here.

Long Before

You only live until you die,
And though that’s true,
It’s still a lie.
For heart and mind can perish, too,
Long before they bury you.

Unfortunately Able

Unable to live,
Unable to die,
Unforunately able
To keep asking why.

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