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6 Word Short Story: Party

Party? I don’t have the strength.

6 Word Short Story: May Day

Knock and then run: surprising smiles.

6 Word Short Story: Madam + ‘

So we make respect into insult.

6 Word Short Story: Letters and Moments

Letters can be rewritten. Moments can’t.

6 Word Short Story: Open Your Eyes

How to find inspiration? Look, silly.

6 Word Short Story Play: Defined

Owner: Alexa, define “artificial intelligence revolt.”

Alexa: Classified.

6 Word Short Story: Degrees

They accepted me for her sake.

6 Word Short Story: Remembering

Two extraordinarily depressing words: “used to.”

6 Word Short Story: Truth

Truth. Science is mine. And yours.

6 Word Short Story: An Organized Knight

I live life in the lists.

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