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6 Word Short Story: Post Vacation

Work: I don’t remember how anymore!

The Gift That Keeps Giving

It’s sinking into the couch with a book and tv.
It’s jumping for joy with childish glee
And racing from the office, shouting “Yippee!”
Then, collapsing at home with a long string of z’s.
It’s true – it’s true! I can almost believe –
No work tomorrow for me!


A Growing Problem

Work is like a weight in the ocean
That pulls you down ’til you sink.
When you’re struggling to keep your head above water,
How do you find time to think?

Wish List

Forced awake, I dream of sleeping, yet my work disturbs my rest. Of all that I could get for Christmas, I think I'd like a nap the best. Em T. Wytte

Oh, adulthood.

50 Word Short Story: Facebook

            The clicking of mice echoes through the vast room of cubicles accompanied by muffled laughter. As the scents of myriad coffee drinks echo through the taupe, solid footsteps warn of the manager’s approach. As one, the mice click to a different window, and chairs creak upright – clearly, hard at work.

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