Dried Bouquet

Permanently bowed heads
Like somber penitants
Clustered close together:
A permanently mourning crowd
Encircled in bright crystal.

A Consuming Fog

A consuming fog
Covers like a down blanket:
Deep, dark, and peaceful


“A sunbeam!” cried the mind,
And wandered on its way
Ignoring the little section
That said not to go astray.
“A rainbow!” grinned another part.
“A butterfly!” – “A squirrel!”
And thus that tiny diligent piece
Was lost within the swirl.

6 Word Short Story: Monsters

Which creates monsters: fear or hope?

Mood Swings

A sudden darkness
As the newly gray sky cries
Then, flash, back to smiles.

Digital Strings

A phone, an app:
Like digital strings
Controlling a person,
A stranger at work,
With the lure of a tip.

6 Word Short Story: Have You?

Have you ever had sweet dreams?

A Constant Rumble

A constant rumble
Humming loud in the background:
The wake of people.


Shimmering cover
Over many legs of green:
Dying in beauty

6 Word Short Story: Ghosts

Stories written in the mind: ghosts.

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