Constantly Recording

Constantly recording, whatever your will,
The body learns: sights, sounds, and smells.
From whatever makes you ill.
Pain of body, mind, and heart lives on
Far past the time it should.
Brought back by sights or sounds or smells
The body learned for good.


Shine on

Lifted by the breeze
Reflected in the fire
Shine on simple soul

Walking Backward

Walking backward won’t recapture the past.
Re-creation makes only caricatures:
Hollow visions that cannot satisfy truth
Though they delude ignorant eyes
And break further knowing hearts.

Unity for Power

Unity for power – once.
Now, tradition. Weakened
Institutions, too
Overwhelmed with politics to
Nurture their responsibilities.

A Hopeless Cause

A hopeless cause:
To save all
To help all

An abandoned cause:
Saves none
Helps none

A pursued cause:
Save some
Helps some

Harsh Obscenity

Harsh obscenity
In action far worse than words
Markedly unmarked

Inevitable and Irreconcilable?

Inevitable and irreconcilable?
Many agreeing, supporting a
Priority or value. And yet
Overwhelmingly diverse:
Right disputed from group to group
Taunting, tormenting, and tantalizing:
Alternately true or false by location.
Naughtily inconsistent and ultimately
Truth only by individual

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