Like My Mind

Left in a very specific place
Over here (or over there?)
So that I’ll definitely find it.

Coming Back Soon

Staples Back of HeadHi, everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve had some interesting medical issues lately. Let’s just say that the doctors have been playing with my head (and a stapler).

In any case, I’m not quite back to normal yet, so getting back to writing in a semi-normal schedule is going to be a slow process – a little bit at a time. I’m starting with some posts on Words & Deeds (see “Emma in Transferland” for more), and I plan to write for twytte as inspiration strikes for a while.

Honestly, I really want to get back to the novels because it’s been ridiculously long since they’ve been updated. But that’s going to take some time.

Thanks for your patience and for reading! Let’s hope that this is the last interruption for a while!

6 Word Short Story: Top Speed

She speeds forward like a snail.

Just So You Know

Hi, Everyone, I’m still working on the domain transfer. It’s not supposed to take this long, but the original host has a pending action and seems to be taking its time finishing it (*sigh*). I’m looking into how to speed them up (I’m open to suggestions). Until it gets done, however, I’m going to continue […]

via Transfer Delays — Words & Deeds

Like Breath

A subtle rhythm
Like breath: felt as much as heard
A true mark of time

Arrogant Delusions

Putting emotions on the
Line by pretending, or more
Accurately, deluding yourself (a
Need all too common) – its falsehood
Slowly revealed by time.

Six Word Short Story: No

Can you stay conscious that long?

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