Quested for or

Quested for or
It matters little
Except in
Regards to right
Or wrong


A Game of Chicken

A prejudice
A policy
A resource
A religion
A moral
A meanness
An oath
An order

Different on one side
The same on both
A game of chicken won in blood
Memorialized in bones


Yume, sueƱa, dream:
A blowing, fiery breeze –
The breath of the world


I have no home to shower in,
No laundry for my clothes,
No money to replace these rags,
No place to rest my bones.
But the library has computers
They let me use for free.
I work hard. I have experience.
Will you still hire me?

I cannot stand for very long –
The pain will make me fall.
If I lift almost anything,
For days, I can do nothing at all.
I could not afford a college degree.
My insurance is incredibly high.
Will you give me a job based on what I can do,
Or do you think I should give up and die?

A Fool’s Ambition

A fool’s ambition
Gleams bright in the eye
But glows red with danger
To those on the outside.

Manufactured Drama

Are they right?
Do we want only drama?
Is it our pride, our joy?
Is there no place for wit,
For skilled stories
Or even simple kindness?
Is cruelty and voyeurism
Our only want or care?

6 Word Short Story: Degrees

They accepted me for her sake.

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