Words Flow

Dust does not dull the pen
Though the ink may stutter,
Resisting first contact with the page,
But, like muscles cold from disuse,
It warms as the pen skips and flies
Until words flow as if never still.

Sorry for Not Sharing This Sooner

I had hoped to start updating both blogs by the beginning of September. Unfortunately, the herniated disc takes more out of me than I expected, and I didn’t manage it. My new goal is October for restarting. Thank you for your patience!

For those who don’t follow Words & Deeds, here is an excerpt and link to the original post about the delay.

So… no new posts to Words & Deeds for almost a month. Sorry about that. I dropped the ball. Then, after a day or two of pondering how to make time to go back and pick the ball up, I cursed loudly and kept walking (and taking care of the things that pay the bills… […]

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Wild: Boxed

Wild, free, and flowing,
Expressed in numbers and dates –
Boxes on a page.
Wild, powerful, and deadly,
Calculated and controlled –
Boxes on a wall.
Wild, forceful, and strong,
Captured and harnessed –
Boxed in a stall.
Wild, wordy, and skillful,
Held by statistics –
Boxed on a stage.
Wild, soulful, and strange,
Expressed in cold jewels –
Boxed to amaze.
A box is our comfort,
A rational and a frame –
Our system. Our solace.
Our calling. Our cage.

What We Can’t See

There is no map,
No x where it’s placed.
In fact, its location
May not be a place.
It cannot be researched,
Is not written in a book.
It cannot be told, and
It may not be seeable –
No matter who looks –
And yet still we search
For what we can’t see
Because when we find it
We learn how to be.

Waging War

Particles of Earth –
Cut grass, tossed pollen, and dust:
Nature waging war

Arrives Too Short Too Soon: Riddle of Clues

What arrives late when you’re early
And comes after you’re late?

What’s too short for “too”
And rhymes with “above”?

And what’s gone too soon
But never leaves?

A Bouquet of Impressions

Read as an apology
Offered as a predictable gift
Sweetly scenting the avid gardener’s home
Enchanting the romantic and
Styling their clothes

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