6 Word Short Story: He Thinks

He thinks his brain is unreliable.

Anxiety’s Reign

A pressure in the chest –
Electricity and compression
Combined like lighting a fuse
And encasing the cannon’s end.

A struggle to breathe –
Pushing against a weight or
Speeding like fluttering wings
In a frantic race to nowhere.

A battle between needs –
Run, hide, rock, freeze, fight,
Cry, scream: pulling and pushing,
Everything necessary and now.

A storm in the mind –
Swirling, striking thoughts
Pecking, pacing, and repeating
Until all else hides or flees.

A pressure, a struggle,
A battle, a storm:
All needs, all now,
All nothing.


Fears, frustrations,
Angers, and angst:
Invisible bars for
A painful prison.

Memorial Day

A formal parade,
Solemn and steady;
A duet of trumpets,
Strong and sweet;
A blast of rifles,
Stark and strident.

A lazy morning,
Still and sleepy;
A bar and grill,
Strong and spicy;
A gathering of friends,
Smiling and sunny.

A day of remembrance:
A day off work:
A ritual for lost:
A welcome for summer.

A starkly flipping coin –
The remnants of the fight:
The reason for fighting.

When Mind And Heart War

When mind and heart war,
No amount of reason,
No mountain of evidence
Can surmount one ounce
Of emotion’s armory.

Flickering Sunbeams

Flickering sunbeams
Silhouetting living green
In blinding magic

Life’s Puzzle Door

Life’s puzzle door:
You slide pieces here,
Make room there.
Some shift them easily
Into obvious spots,
Completed in one go.
Some shift again and again
Into different arrangements,
Using different strategies,
Never quite getting to
A happy whole.

Fracturing Ripples

Fracturing ripples
Across a bright, mirrored world
From dripping feathers

So Familiar

Words striking a chord –
Old, comfortable friends
Never heard before
So familiar when said.

A trick of the mind,
A wish of the soul –
Not particularly kind,
Calling parts to a whole


Each change a risk,
Each risk a fear:
Hiding deep behind the mob,
The risk of staying here.

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