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Surgery Acrostic

Undergone to
Remove, replace, or repair:
Generally, by plan. By
Emergency more rarely.
Results rely most on
Your surgeon.

Progress: an Acrostic

Painstakingly gained
Retroactively visible
Operatically dramatic
Godot-ly subtle
Repetitively new
Everlastingly present
Suddenly lost
Simultaneously all


Easy or impossible?
X-ray of the future or
Predetermined failure?
External pressures,
Constantly applied by
Those we like and love (or
At least imagined so) or
Truly personal goals?
Inspiration or prison:
One or both can be true.
Now, then, or later –
Save what you choose.

Defeat Acrostic

Emotional barrage
Fabricates varied and
Endless vulnerabilities
And, heartlessly,
Targets them.

Sunlight Acrostic

Soothing warmth
Unholy pain
New life’s food
Leaching drain
Inviting brightness
Glaring blindness
Hope for the harvest
Terror for the same

Change Impels the Choice

May we remember that
Every year there are
Rays of bright light and
Rot of dark despair.
Yule holds both and all.

Change impels the choice;
Happy and harmful vie to
Rule your heart and mind.
Invoked as the focus, either
Spreads and affects all –
Thieving joy that could be or
Manufacturing more from little.
Again and again or for the first,
Shall you bear, bow, or build?


Freedom & Growth


Part Love

Part love – an emotional
Rampart that shields and strengthens with an
Open mind to prevent personally harming.
Training and teaching to prepare and
Electing to take damage or to damage for. Never
Control or insult bereft of truth
That both claim to be but harm.

Blind Force

Blind force
Unmitigated by caring or
Legal or authoritative
Leverage: Selfishness
Yielding unyielding wrong.

Cruelty Through Indifference

Cruelty through indifference:
All too often justified by
Laws or lies – finger-pointing,
Labeling, and blame pushed
On those in need, those injured.
Utilizing such excuses
Simply to live with excessively
Noxious actions or rules.
Escaping guilt or responsibility through
Self-righteousness (or
So they think).

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