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A Bouquet of Impressions

Read as an apology
Offered as a predictable gift
Sweetly scenting the avid gardener’s home
Enchanting the romantic and
Styling their clothes

Not Always

Not always feasible – it
Errs in its lack of
Verification (and its possibility):
Extreme statements are
Rarely totally true.


Rewards must be balanced,
Integrated with chance – to
Stretch our strengths to new,
Keener heights.

Addictive (& Delicious)

Terribly and
Addictive (& delicious)

Automatic Thought

Even mundane – an
Xray of automatic thought
Portrayed as unusual and
Exciting, despite its obviousness:
Certainty of others’
Thoughts gives way:
Ease overriding creativity. How
Do they stand it?

Ever Falling

Images fill the cyber sky,
Mad logics, worse than Wonderland,
Parting the real world with
Offensive slurs and storms:
Too many to count, and somehow
Even with so many resisting,
Nothing seems to change – all
Caught like a waterfall that is
Ever falling and ever held back.

Elements of Everyone

A hundred subtle vowel and
Consonant changes – inflections that
Challenge the ear of strangers with
Elements of everyone you know:
Nanoscale bits of people absorbed
Through life and reflected back.

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