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Cruelty Through Indifference

Cruelty through indifference:
All too often justified by
Laws or lies – finger-pointing,
Labeling, and blame pushed
On those in need, those injured.
Utilizing such excuses
Simply to live with excessively
Noxious actions or rules.
Escaping guilt or responsibility through
Self-righteousness (or
So they think).


Near Eternally

Persistent and pulsing: from annoying to overwhelming
Alternately sharp and sudden followed by all or none.
Intermittent, inexplicable, important, or inexorable:
Near eternally if not present


Rightful emotion after
Erring and wronging another.
Grossly inappropriate, even a
Ridiculous or offensive
Effort when no wrong was done.
Treasured or wasteful?

Relentlessly Targeted

Planned posts and statements
Relentlessly targeted and
Officially designed to
Persuade the viewer.
Attention is paid to the
Grim and horrible –
All the most emotionally fearful.
Not to forget the
Directed flattery.
Aimed at unified division.


No more true or right than
Any other would be.
Molded from cultures, hearts, and minds:
Evidence more than cause.

Merely Another Day

Begrudged or celebrated,
It comes. Year after year – a
Rating of sorts. Alternately,
Treasured or cursed.
Hard for a loss or more
Dear for a gain.
A technical necessity,
Yet merely another day.

Made to Feel

Made to feel
Elemental to another –
Rated high, invaluable, loved.
Right where you belong.
Yearned-for moments

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