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50 Word Short Story: Successful People

            They still sit down to eat, but their chairs are attached to floors with wheels. They talk to each other all day and see each other for only a few minutes. Every year, they promise that next year they’ll take that vacation. Someday, they’ll retire and have time: total strangers.


50 Word Play: The Cost of Doing Business

This is an experiment (an experiment within an experiment! Oooh! How meta!). Seriously, though, I’m not sure if there are rules for this. I decided to count only the dialogue and stage directions (not the character names).

CHARON: Condolences, welcome, congratulations, blah, blah, blah. I will be your ferryman for eternity. Place 5 euro in the box and enter.
BUSINESSMAN: Euro? You mean an obol. Here you go.
CHARON: Euro only.
CHARON: Go to the exchange.
BUSINESSMAN: But the stories say an obol!
CHARON: Since when?
BUSINESSMAN: When? Forever!
CHARON: You’re relying on that?

50 Word Short Story: Facebook

            The clicking of mice echoes through the vast room of cubicles accompanied by muffled laughter. As the scents of myriad coffee drinks echo through the taupe, solid footsteps warn of the manager’s approach. As one, the mice click to a different window, and chairs creak upright – clearly, hard at work.

50 Word Short Story: A Promise

            It took months of planning. They made lists, wrote invitations, designed centerpieces, found clothing, and dealt with interfering relatives and friends. It took two: whether making decisions or dealing with stress. Through fights, tears, insomnia, and growing nerves, they worked together. Both swore they would never go through it again.

50 Word Short Story: Easy Pickings

            Half drunk, the lords gathered merrily at the door. They didn’t see the blown-out candle in the window or the winding trail of smoke it left behind. The rich fabrics of their clothes glinted with gold and jewels as they stumbled laughing to the carriage, never noticing the approaching footsteps.

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