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Blunt and to the Point: A Short Dialogue

A: My life is blunt!

B: …what?

A: I have no function! No percentage!

B: Percentage? Of what? Do you need help with math? There’s a button on your calculator that-

A: -No! I’m talking about my existence! My viability!

B: …your life?

A: Yes! It’s rounded.

B: You mean you’re well-rounded? Or it’s a circle.

A: No! It’s… worn. [B raises his eyebrows.] It’s… dull.

B: Oohh. You’re bored.

A: …what? No, I am person.

B: What? Oh. No. Bored. B-o-r-e-d. Your life doesn’t entertain or amuse you. It’s no fun.

A: But my life is fun! Very fun! I have fun for keeps. Endlessly

B: …ok…then, what’s the problem?

A: My life is blunt! Worn! [At B’s bemused expression, A let’s out a frustrated exclamation, pulls out a smart phone, and does a quick search.] Pointless! It’s pointless!

B: …

A: So what should I do?

B: Don’t teach.

Daily Inner Dialogue

PLEASURE CENTER: We don’t really need to get up at 6.

LOGIC CENTER: Yes, we do. I figured it out last night.

PLEASURE CENTER: But you were being overly cautious. No, we can get up at 6:30 and still have plenty of time.

LOGIC CENTER: What? No. What data are you basing this off of?

SENSORY INPUT: The bed is very nice and warm, and closing our eyes and drifting would feel very nice.

LOGIC CENTER: You are not helping.

PLEASURE CENTER: That’s right. Reset the phone. Close our eyes. Mmmmm.

LOGIC CENTER: [At a shout but fading into the distance] No, don’t. Don’t listen to them! They’re being unreasonable!

50 Word Play: The Cost of Doing Business

This is an experiment (an experiment within an experiment! Oooh! How meta!). Seriously, though, I’m not sure if there are rules for this. I decided to count only the dialogue and stage directions (not the character names).

CHARON: Condolences, welcome, congratulations, blah, blah, blah. I will be your ferryman for eternity. Place 5 euro in the box and enter.
BUSINESSMAN: Euro? You mean an obol. Here you go.
CHARON: Euro only.
CHARON: Go to the exchange.
BUSINESSMAN: But the stories say an obol!
CHARON: Since when?
BUSINESSMAN: When? Forever!
CHARON: You’re relying on that?

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