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6 Word Short Story: Whispers

Depression: You’re too tired to write.

6 Word Short Story: Think Again

Non-voter: I thought it couldn’t happen.

Not Your Work, But Mine

“If you get it done,” they say,
“That’s, of course, very well,
But if you don’t, that’s also fine,”
As their bland shrugs tell.
What other job could someone say
That not finishing is fine?
Try that at your job sometime
And see if the bosses mind.


6 Word Short Story: It Starts Each January

A dining table, covered in paperwork.


The dawn reveals the battered exterior,
Worn but enduring.
Lovingly and harshly displayed,
Each worn corner continues to stand,
The crumbles and cracks bared proudly.
Careful patches show their wear as
The light shines through the thin fabric.
The patches have patches; the joints are repaired.
It’s held together by string, glue, and will,
Unveiled in each stitch, seam, and nail.
How much of the original is even there?

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