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6 Word Short Story: Ghosts

Stories written in the mind: ghosts.

Not Your Work, But Mine

“If you get it done,” they say,
“That’s, of course, very well,
But if you don’t, that’s also fine,”
As their bland shrugs tell.
What other job could someone say
That not finishing is fine?
Try that at your job sometime
And see if the bosses mind.


Writing: a Cinquain

wonderful, horrid
drains, inspires, baffles
brings joy almost always

6 Word Short Story: Need I Say More?

Catching a cold on your vacation.

My Top 10 Posts: Happy 6th Month Anniversary!!!

I still can’t believe I wrote that right, but, yes, today marks the 6th month anniversary of starting this writing experiment. I am officially halfway through my year-long challenge of writing and posting something new every day. And what a trip it has been so far!

This blog has been through short stories, poems, bits of plays, ongoing novels, and even a webhost migration. Not to mention lots of new readers (thank you!!!). It seems only fitting to do something special, so why not celebrate with my 10 favorite posts from the 6 months so far?

I’ll tell you why not. That means I have to pick 10 favorite posts! (What? How?!)

Instead, I’ll say that I picked 10 of my favorite posts, and to be honest, the fact that it was hard to choose delights me. The fact that I still like and enjoy most of these posts months later means that I must be doing something right – however hard it makes picking out 10.

To make it easier, I removed the novels from the running (as an ongoing story, they get so much extra effort that it simply wouldn’t be fair to compare them to the rest!), and here are the 10 I finally decided on in no particular order:

10. “Not a What

There are days when I wish I’d actually said this in response to people. On the other hand, it always sounds a bit Dr. Seuss-ish to me. I may like the idea better than the poem.

9. “Can’t

I chose “Can’t” because I like the two angles it explores and the ambiguity between them. Plus, it’s a pretty universal issue, which I like in a poem. It’s also one of the earliest pieces from this experiment.

8. “Love

Speaking of universal issues, this is a requisite for poetry. If you’re writing poems, at least 1 has to be about love, right?

7. “Tangled Web

Spider-like, they sit and watch
Subtle, deceptive

read more.

6. “See the Headline: ’45 Minutes Stolen’

This is a bit lighter and fluffier than most of the other poems I’ve chosen, but it makes my literal mind happy. And it’s always fun to see evidence of my struggle against constantly rhyming.

5. “Or Not

A little more recent, this poem is another with an appealing ambiguity for universal issues. I wrote it in September, and I have a feeling I was facing some sort of decision at the time – but that’s a pretty safe guess (I was alive at the time, so…).

4. “Teatime

Although I’ve been choosing poems so far, “Teatime” is a little different. After months of promising to do a play or a bit of a play, this was the first to be posted. Even though it’s a better script for an online comic than an actual stage production, I enjoy it (although I have been told that my humor is a bit warped).

3. “The Fields

I love the idea of this poem. It’s a bit twisted, and as a writer, there’s little quite as gleeful for me as hiding coarse, inelegant meaning in poetic language.

2. “The People Paradox

The longer I live the truer this poem seems. I’m not really old enough to say that yet, but still…

1. “When IDEAS Attack

Finally, the post that started it all. You may not know this, but the very first post on this blog was an article (a slightly NSFW article at that). It’s a wonderful feeling for me to read it again 6 months later and enjoy it as much as I did when I first posted it on Weebly. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Here’s to another 6 months!

Time is short, but we go on
With words and thoughts and feelings.
I’ll keep on writing (please, forgive the slant rhyme)
And thanks so much for reading!

6 Word Short Story: Thank God for Amazon

Christmas shopping when afraid of crowds.

An Endless Cycle

            Never had going to sleep sounded so good.
            As Cassy walked into the house and shed her coat and boots, she pictured going straight to bed, collapsing face-first into a pillow, and sleeping until morning. Oh, that sounded amazing. The idea sent a last-ditch burst of energy through her, and she was on her way there when she saw the clock. 8 pm.
            Pausing, she frowned. Some, small, childish part of her rebelled at the idea of going to bed that early. The little spurt of energy faded like a taunting memory as the cogs of her brain locked and stuttered. She hesitated for what could have been minutes or hours, caught up in the fog. Then, her eyes locked on a book.
            Perfect. She would read for an hour and then go to bed. Relieved to be done with thinking, she walked to the bookshelf and grabbed an old favorite. The simple act of sinking into the comfortable chair felt like heaven. When she opened the book, she sank into the story just as easily. The familiar words and well-loved characters pulled her through the fog until it was a dim memory. Only the story existed for her as she raced with the characters through danger and conflict until at last, all was resolved.
            With one last sigh of pleasure, she closed the book and looked at the clock.

The Old Man & The Stairs

OLD MAN: Yeah, I know you hate that picture. You’ve told me so since the day I put it up. [There is silence as the old man moves toward a stairway.] No, I ain’t gonna take it down. You can save your breath and stop askin’ me. [Silence again as the man pauses by the picture as if listening.] Well, I like it, and it’s my house. [He reaches the base of the stairs.] What the- [Grunts and straining sounds can be heard.] You stop that! [More strain.] You let me up the stairs right now, or so help me, I-

WOMAN: Dad? What’s the matter?

OLD MAN: [Glaring at the air in front of him.] Nothing’s the matter.

WOMAN: But… you were shouting. Do you need help up the stairs?

OLD MAN: I’m fine. Go back in the other room and watch your show.


OLD MAN: Now, it’s my house. If I want to shout a bit, I can. You go leave me to it.

After giving him one last worried glance, she leaves.

WOMAN: He said he was fine.

MAN: He didn’t sound fine. If he’s having trouble with the stairs-

WOMAN: His doctor said he’s healthy as a horse!

MAN: But what about his mind? You heard him just now. It might be time.

WOMAN: He’d hate to leave this house…

The old man’s glare at the air hardens.

OLD MAN: [In a whisper] You ever try anything like that again, and I’ll burn this house down before I take down that picture.

The lights go down as the old man easily climbs the stairs.

The Advent of Trouble

            Tek raced down the stairs, past the holotree, and straight to the shining box in the corner. Bouncing with excitement, he pressed the button to open the gleaming door. Instantly, it popped out and a glowing 8 appeared. Then, a tall thin man with strange black and red clothes, a tall black hat, and a stick appeared.
            “I gottsa man!” Tek yelled. He thought the man looked kind of funny, but he didn’t care so long as it was better than what his brother got.
            “It’s a toy soldier,” Rin corrected in that annoyingly superior older-brother tone.
            “Nuh-huh!” Tek thought that was the stupidest thing he’d ever heard. “Soldiers don’t look like that!”
            “They used to.” Rin’s calm response made Tek glare.
            “How do you know?” he sulked, wishing he’d never shown Rin in the first place.
            “We’ve been studying it at school.” Rin shrugged as if the whole conversation were beneath his notice and left the room. Tek sat on the floor abruptly and shoved the shiny door closed.
            “Stupid soldier.” He glowered at nothing. Finally, he said, “Research Christmas calendar thing.”
            “Searching.” The hollow, emotionless voice echoed around the room. “Search found advent calendar, a historic way for children to count the days before Christmas. Commonly made of paper, advent calendars had 25 doors to be-”
            “25!” Tek shot off the floor, leaving the voice to speak to itself. “Mom! Mom! I want an advent calendar!” He tapped the screen frantically until he got a response. She blinked at him through it.
            “You have one,” she mumbled, “the box in-”
            “It doesn’t have enough doors! It’s s’posed to have 25 doors!” That was 24 more doors than his brother had. “And it’s made of paper!” He didn’t know what paper was, so it had to be amazing.
            “You want a paper one?” She stared at him. “But you have a holo.”
            “Yeah, but it’s supposed to have 25 doors,” he fumbled and spluttered, trying to get the thoughts out. “That one’s realer!”

6 Word Short Story: My Life

Too many hours writing: massage time!

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