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6 Word Short Story: An Organized Knight

I live life in the lists.


6 Word Short Story: The Victors

The side too stupid to run.

6 Word Short Story: Top Speed

She speeds forward like a snail.

Six Word Short Story: No

Can you stay conscious that long?

A Scary 6 Word Short Story: True Fear

Compare political behavior with a toddler’s.

It Is Not For You

SAGE: It is not for you.

ADOM: They need help. I could help.

EBO: You could. But can you?

ADOM: You don’t think-

SAGE: -It is not for you.

ADOM: I don’t care! I’m going to help.

EBO: Adom, no! [Sighs angrily.]┬áThat fool. They’ll… Oh, my gods! We have to save him.

SAGE: It is not for you.

EBO: How can you say that when… Sage? Sage!

6 Word Short Story: Tonight

Tonight, my drink needs an umbrella.

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