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Infinite Always

Today, tomorrow, yesterday –
A blur of thens and whens
A hundred nows,
A hundred thousand,
Lost but somehow present
In an infinite always
Of forgotten beginnings
And unknown end.

6 Word Short Story: Nightmares

Dreams of insomnia keep me awake.

Dawn Haiku

A massive spotlight
Splits the dark of a vast stage,
And the act begins.


Chalk drawings on air
Portioning infinity
In bright illusions

6 Word Short Story: Monday

Nope. Wake me when it’s over.

Butterfly Haiku

A pulse of color
Bright, dark, swimming through the air
Like living rainbows

Can’t Quite

I cannot sleep.
I can’t quite wake.
Caught, lost between,
I stumble and fake
And shake and break
And struggle on
For nothing’s sake.

Mental Illness

In the United States,
One in five have one –
Plus more undiagnosed.
There are over twice as many
Suicides as homicides.

The person who has it
Doesn’t want it,
Has tried to stop it,
Tries to hide it, and
Fears to never be free.

No matter what kind:
It can’t be willed away.
Smiling doesn’t help.
“Bringing you down”
Confirms worthlessness.
Deriding “weirdness”
Increases helpessness.
Both build hopelessness.

Listen without judgment.
Fight impatience.
Offer kindness.

6 Word Short Story: Missing

Missing: one mind, used, somewhat forgetful

Waterfall Haiku

Essence of a storm,
White noise to roaring extreme,
In fierce, falling flow

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