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Part Love

Part love – an emotional
Rampart that shields and strengthens with an
Open mind to prevent personally harming.
Training and teaching to prepare and
Electing to take damage or to damage for. Never
Control or insult bereft of truth
That both claim to be but harm.

Without It

Without it,
The engine starts.
The train travels.
The plane flies.

Without it,
The doors revolve.
The buildings stand.
The elevators rise.

Without it,
The chair supports.
The washer washes.
The drier dries.

If they all can succeed
Without self-belief, then,
Why the hell can’t I?

Hunks of History

Hunks of history
Carved from once-living caverns:
A humble walkway


With a billion dollars in the bank
And 60 years to live,
I could spend 16 million a year
For the rest of my life.
Why hoard instead of give?

Blind Force

Blind force
Unmitigated by caring or
Legal or authoritative
Leverage: Selfishness
Yielding unyielding wrong.

Socks: A Haiku

Tiny twisted strands
Woven together in threads
All for simple warmth

A Fortune

Wood, thin and brittle,
Grayed and yellowed by time.
Walls, cracked and bowed,
Abused by water’s flow.
Weathered roof, nested eaves,
Mere remnants of once prime:
A fortune in repairs and paint
And most will never show.

Song of Dementia

I did?
I forgot.
I don’t know.
I can’t find the __.
I didn’t do __.
Oh, I did do __t.
I did do __t.
Oh, I didn’t do __.
I don’t know what I’m doing.
I don’t know nothin’.
I’m useless.
I’m stupid.

Raised on an Altar

Raised on an altar of heart and mind
Lit by candles of flickering hope
While life circles like ambitious buzzards,
And the soul marches steadily forward,
Seeking always the pilgrim’s path –
Known (or dreamt) to exist. Somewhere.
Hidden amongst uncountable others.

Once a Day of Saints

Once a day of saints and souls
Of stories, songs, and snakes.
Now, a day of beers and brawls
Whether green by birth or fakes.

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