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Carefully arrange notes:
Creating and relieving tension,
Conveying and building feelings,
Constructing a story, and
Empowering words.

Providing comfort, joy, release -
Whatever can be conceived:
An art of sound.

Trying to Float

Trying to float
In a sea of uncertainty
When your body refuses to swim.
Desperately wishing
For energy, autonomy
While chained to an illness’ whim.


A strong foundation
To all appearances:
Any fissures or flaws
Well-hidden behind concrete
Reinforced by steel.

Until the hammers.

From the largest sledges
To the little ball peens
To the smallest colossus
That fires the shot.

Blow after blow
In unending succession.
Most too small,
Too weak to damage
In a single strike,
Yet flaw-enhancing,
When applied in barrage.

And scattered throughout,
With no warning or reason,
The bone-shattering.
The world-shaking.
The mortar fire that
Slices through
And carves out
The inner steel
In erratic paths.

Leaving fragments

Shining Whiteness Haiku

A shining whiteness
Pushing past tightly closed blinds:
The first sign of snow.

A Seeming Instant

A meeting, a book,
A blink of the eye:
In a seeming instant,
Hours go by.
Or days or weeks
Or months or years.
Like a magician’s trick:
A life in mirrors.

Spun from Ice Haiku

Delicate flowers
Spun from hair-thin strands of ice:
Artistry of cold

Tension Released Haiku

Long amassed tension
Released without conscious thought:
A burst of laughter

Season’s End Haiku

Dry, curling branches
Drop needle upon needle
Forcing season’s end


A better year or a better me?
Which of these is best to see?
A better year depends for whom.
And on their last year’s doom and gloom.
As for better me – better by whose score?
For whom should I be better for?
Yet if a better me be wholly true,
Would a better year be here, too?

Persistent Glow Haiku

Gold pushing through red,
A distant, persistent glow:
Sunny wake-up call.

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