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Art with a Spirit

Hard work makes
Art with a spirit and a soul that
No factory line can even
Dream to achieve, yet those factory and
Mill-made pieces undermine and diminish
All the effort, vision, and
Diligence poured into each piece – due to
Everyone’s unrealistic expectations of price.

The Hostess

Everywhere at once,
Helping with a smile, a laugh,
Greeting each newcomer,
And passing from one conversation
To another, from friend to friend –
The heartbeat of the gathering,
Like a watchful fire tender,
Nursing the warmth to fire.

Delicately Clear

Delicately clear
Like a finely iced dessert
With a shocking bite

All the Stories: Happy Early Thanksgiving!

All the stories are false
And all the stories are true
From happy children’s books
To the dark historic view.
What humans se versus
What humans write –
What humans believe
And why humans fight.
While not grateful for all
This messy world stew
I’m grateful to have one,
Whatever truth’s view.

The Frenzy

Sudden explosions,
Ranging from anger to joy:
The frenzy of fans

What a Ball

An agony of politeness holding you in thrall.
Is it too early to go right now?
If it gets too late, should I go at all?
Should I be first and hang out alone?
Or should I delay? Are these heels too tall?
The cycle starts and spins and falls –
Preparation for fun. Oh joy. What a ball.

No Longer Either Short Or Stout

No longer either short or stout –
The handle flails wildly.
The spout drowns you out.
No singing or bobbing
But cursing and tears,
Sarcasm and huffing –
Oh, teenage years.

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