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The 93rd

The last order given
Followed, unflinching.
Though cannons fired
Though bullets bit
Though man after man
Was lost to the rain:
The 93rd stood
Til the next order came.

Easing a Road

Easing a road
By shielding a spark
For self, others, all

Closing a door to another,
Cruelly, coldly, and callously,
To open a door for yourself or simply
To amuse

Building a platform –
Making a mask –
By buffing rough edges smooth,
By raising high the low,
For fear. Perhaps,
For pride alone.

Shaping a shield
By redirecting the aim
To hide a sin – forever of long enough
To get away.

Protection or advantage
Entertainment or life,
For others. For self.
For wrong. For right.
A gradual gradient
Or black and white?

Selected by Fit

Tinder, tender,
Orders, odors,
Officials, offense,
Lies, limits, lips:
Selected by fit.

Willingly Await

Across the country they hide away
In huge ice boxes of drywall and paint:
A horde of leftovers that willingly await
A world of wandering giants.

6 Word Short Story: The Victors

The side too stupid to run.

If a Cloud Be Soft

If a cloud be soft,
Then, a sound bed be softer:
When exhaustion calls


What steals it away?
Our curiosity and awe –
Nature or nurture? What
Displaces our joy of discovery with
Endless ennui for such
Ridiculously wonderful things?

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