Monthly Archives: February 2021

The Voices of Pain

“Don’t give up!”
One cries to others,
For it too well remembers
How a light so snuffed
Shatters and sunders
Those left behind.

“Make it stop!”
Another screams silently,
For it too strongly feels
How a life subtly skewed
Shackles and slices
Those bleeding inside.

“Leave me alone!”
Whimpers the one
That too deeply knows
How powers held singly
Falter and fragment
When faced only outward.

“Be with me!”
Begs yet another
That too clearly sees
How days left but not lived
Frighten and fracture
When paced ever onward.

From whimpers to curses
And whispers to screams,
They overwhelm and overflow
Mind, soul, and senses:
A cacophony of can’ts
An onslaught of shoulds.

From crescendos to solos
And all in between
The chorus continues:
To all but their target,
Unheard and unseen.


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