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6 Word Short Story: Improbable Dream

Failed entrepreneur: “I don’t understand people.”

Whispering Secrets

Whispering secrets:
Bottled, burgeoning pressure
Chained by a promise

Unfortunately Able

Unable to live,
Unable to die,
Unforunately able
To keep asking why.

Again and Again

Again and again, they walk the path:
Same steps, same sights, same sounds.
Again and again, they are surprised
When the same results are found.

What I Meant

What I meant,
What you heard:
Does the first matter
Without more words?

Flower Fall

Swirling and turning
In sweetly fragrant showers:
Nature’s confetti

6 Word Short Story: Depression

Depression: when breathing is challenge enough

Defeat Acrostic

Emotional barrage
Fabricates varied and
Endless vulnerabilities
And, heartlessly,
Targets them.

The Hands Holding the Book

The hands holding the book
Slowly drift to her sides
As her breaths grow shallow and slow.
The pale, wrinkled face
Turns slack and relaxed
As the pot bubbles on low.

The gray, wizened man
Stares at the large screen
As smoke creeps into the air.
She wakes just in time
To save pan and house,
As he watches on without care.


Life in a Bubble Limerick

I think life in a bubble is grand,
But some others just won’t understand.
They push, and they press
Though they have no succes,
And in pushing, they may become banned.

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