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Facing Reality about Writing a Horror Story While You Watch

            The more I plan Bloodletting, the more I begin to think publishing it piece-by-piece as I write it is a bad idea. It needs to be much more orchestrated than the other two novels. Publishing one detail out of turn and finding out three posts later that the reader shouldn’t know that yet could dramatically change the overall effect of the plot – which could give you a bad experience with what I think could be a really good story. I don’t want to risk that if I don’t have to (and I don’t).
            Plotting out the details to slowly build each twist and turn to the level that the story deserves will be enough of a challenge (it’s a new level of intricacy for me), so Bloodletting is not going to be part of the daily post-as-I-write experiment for the foreseeable future. Sorry about that. I’ll probably post updates or more tidbits related to it later. I’ll definitely post something when I finish it (an announcement at least).
            I’m still not 100% sure this method will work for Deathwalker and Wind Town for the whole process, but I will keep updating those as part of the experiment for as long as it does work. And I will continue trying to write without modifying already-published scenes. After all, this is meant to stretch my brainpower and strengthen my writing skills. I have to make it at least somewhat different from how I usually write.
            On the plus side, having one fewer novel will free up more time for short stories, plays, and possibly more frequent novel updates (no promises). That said, sorry again for the change in plans, and thank you for your interest in these stories. I hope you enjoy them.


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