Of Projects & Schedules

Pieces of inspiration,
Ready and eager for a start,
Outnumbering their creator and
Jockeying for a start, a sliver of an
Ever-shifting schedule that simply
Cannot make room or time –
That is – unless another piece of work
Stops, shares, or subsides.

This poem is, unfortunately, too true. I have lists upon lists of projects that I would like to work on, and there simply are not enough hours in the day to get to all of them. Even on a rotating schedule (that I may or may not have tried to plot out).

Also unfortunately, some of the projects are more necessary than others (that dang dollar sign problem), so to make time for the ones that are needed, I have reduced my posting schedule for twytte to 3 days a week plus the novel updates, which I will try to keep to once a week – preferably more consistently than I have managed recently (I am hoping that the reduced number of posts will help me actually meet that goal.).

Anyway, for the foreseeable future, I will be updating twytte with freshly-written prose or poetry on MWF plus the two novel updates (I haven’t decided on a firm day for those yet). If there is anything you would like to see more of (or less of), please contact me – I would love to hear from you.

Finally, and as always, thanks for reading!



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