Of Love: A Poem to Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day

“Of Love” may not be my best poem, but I certainly had fun putting it with different pictures. In any case, happy Valentine’s Day!*

*(Or, if you’re not romantic or not in a relationship, Happy martyred saint day, or happy Lupercalia. If you are a romantic who loves Valentine’s Day, ignore everything I just said).

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It’s the streak of heat left
By a finger on your cheek
That sinks through the skin
To the heart.

It’s the warm breath exchanged
In a lingering kiss,
That spreads through the body
Like life.

And it’s the sweet, gentle comfort
Of the welcoming arms
That soothe and make anywhere

Usually, I work with different images to see which looks best, but then, I only pick one to upload. This time, I decided to go ahead and do a handful of pictures for “Of Love” because it seemed appropriate – after all, love is a very personal thing, and what imagery communicates that feeling will vary.

What do you think? Which version of “Of Love” is your favorite?


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