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Harsh Obscenity

Harsh obscenity
In action far worse than words
Markedly unmarked

Inevitable and Irreconcilable?

Inevitable and irreconcilable?
Many agreeing, supporting a
Priority or value. And yet
Overwhelmingly diverse:
Right disputed from group to group
Taunting, tormenting, and tantalizing:
Alternately true or false by location.
Naughtily inconsistent and ultimately
Truth only by individual

Life’s Blood

Life’s blood: complimentary,
From the sky
From the tap
Ignored, accepted, dismissed,
Unless cascading from a crack

There is

There is a screaming
Completely inaudible
Entirely felt

A Moment’s Thought

A dollar given:
Life-giving food
Or a swindler’s gain.
A dollar withheld:
Continued deprivation
Or a swindler’s irritation.

A vaccination given:
Life-saving protection
Or autism-inducing lie.
A vaccination withheld:
Life-less with others
Or perception’s pride.

A moment’s thought given
To both sides, both results
A possible change.
A moment’s thought withheld
From one side, one result
A gambler’s risk of pain.

Fame Does Not Make

Fame does not make a star
But a hollow likeness
Without shine
A true star makes fame
An effect of light inside


Muscles, steel, fire:
Forces shout out their power.
Weak before honor

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