Can You See a Future

Can you bear the pain?
Another step, another breath,
Another moment, another day?

Can you force your lungs to move?
In and out. Again. Again.
Though your heart can no longer cry
Though you long for nothing but end.

Can you fight the lies inside?
That quiet, reasonable voice
That echoes through the numbness
The panic, the weight, the pain.
Though exhaustion weighs your limbs
Though despair clouds your brain

Can you endure long enough?
For the numbness to fade
For the weight to lighten
For circumstances to improve

Can you force your way through?
Day to day, breath to breath,
Moment to moment, step by step,
Until you can see again.
See the kindness and caring
See friendships and love
See a purpose for each breath
See potential in yourself
See a future better than death.


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