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A Fool’s Ambition

A fool’s ambition
Gleams bright in the eye
But glows red with danger
To those on the outside.

Manufactured Drama

Are they right?
Do we want only drama?
Is it our pride, our joy?
Is there no place for wit,
For skilled stories
Or even simple kindness?
Is cruelty and voyeurism
Our only want or care?

6 Word Short Story: Degrees

They accepted me for her sake.


Can it be taught or only felt?
Lectures surely backfire,
But kindness may strike true.
Consideration (true, not tried)
May inspire it, too.

Frozen, Trembling, Trapped

Caught in the current:
Held frozen, trembling, trapped
Between life and death

Would That I Could Dream

Would that I could dream
And make those dreams come true.
If trying be not good enough,
Then, I’m afraid I’m screwed.

If I Hold the World in Contempt

If I hold the world in contempt
And promote hatred with my words
And with actions and decrees,
But I donate money
That does some good,
Is that reason to respect me?


Questions without answers
Guidance without trust
Work without advancement
Debt without results
Fear without solution
Stress without relief
Voices without plans
Faith without belief

Mindless Puppet

They pluck your strings so expertly.
They wind you up like toys.
Until these grown adults become
Unruly girls and boys.
Their inflammatory language
Manipulates your fears.
Must you stay a mindless puppet
Or can you keep your reason clear?


The front is blocked by pain.
The back is barred by pride.
The left and right are long-closed doors
And none can see inside.

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