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New Day

Who decided the date
When old would change to new?
If set on any other day,
Would it not be just as true?
So must you wait to make your change
On the day you’re labeled to?
Or if new is what it takes to change,
Will any new day do?

It Changes

It changes
Through life’s many turns.
Closer. More distant.
Whether wished or not –
A fluctuation of time
A force of feelings
How to control it?
Reduce it? Increase it?
Whichever is wished
Comes the hardest of all.

Made to Feel

Made to feel
Elemental to another –
Rated high, invaluable, loved.
Right where you belong.
Yearned-for moments

Would the Trinity Agree

Did Jesus care if your kindness
Was in person or through taxes?
Did God say your fellow man
Was worthwhile only if he worked?
Was any adult ever saved
Through yelling tirades and insults?
Would the Trinity agree
That you’re truly doing God’s work?

Cruelty Burns Like Acid

Cruelty burns like acid
Eating away good
With the gnawing appetite
Of the sated coward

Quested for or

Quested for or
It matters little
Except in
Regards to right
Or wrong

A Game of Chicken

A prejudice
A policy
A resource
A religion
A moral
A meanness
An oath
An order

Different on one side
The same on both
A game of chicken won in blood
Memorialized in bones


Yume, sueña, dream:
A blowing, fiery breeze –
The breath of the world


I have no home to shower in,
No laundry for my clothes,
No money to replace these rags,
No place to rest my bones.
But the library has computers
They let me use for free.
I work hard. I have experience.
Will you still hire me?

I cannot stand for very long –
The pain will make me fall.
If I lift almost anything,
For days, I can do nothing at all.
I could not afford a college degree.
My insurance is incredibly high.
Will you give me a job based on what I can do,
Or do you think I should give up and die?


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