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6 Word Short Story: Open Your Eyes

How to find inspiration? Look, silly.

Merely Another Day

Begrudged or celebrated,
It comes. Year after year – a
Rating of sorts. Alternately,
Treasured or cursed.
Hard for a loss or more
Dear for a gain.
A technical necessity,
Yet merely another day.


Every year they pay
For a paper card that holds their name:
Worth a tiny fraction of the price.

Every year they moan
That their group no longer grows:
A group that won’t take advice.

Every year the lure’s the same –
Mere pride, the cachet of their name:
A lure grown weak and small.

Every year (still) they complain
Even as they (still) refuse to change:
Why wouldn’t that appeal to all?


If every disagreement comes
from prejudice alone,
And no contrary thoughts
Are worth a thought,
What are you but a drone?

6 Word Short Story Play: Defined

Owner: Alexa, define “artificial intelligence revolt.”

Alexa: Classified.


Pinky to pinky
A solemn ceremony
Of absolute trust

Beauty’s Disguise

Make your waist look smaller.
Make your boobs look bigger.
Make your legs look longer.
Make your feet look shorter.
Hide. Cover. Enhance. Contour.
Disguise whatever looks like you.

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