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6 Word Short Story: Letters and Moments

Letters can be rewritten. Moments can’t.


Relentlessly Targeted

Planned posts and statements
Relentlessly targeted and
Officially designed to
Persuade the viewer.
Attention is paid to the
Grim and horrible –
All the most emotionally fearful.
Not to forget the
Directed flattery.
Aimed at unified division.

Clunk Whine

Clunk clunk clunk clunk whine
Whistle buzz clunk clank grind
Sings the MRI


No more true or right than
Any other would be.
Molded from cultures, hearts, and minds:
Evidence more than cause.


You smile when you see them.
When they ask, you say, “Ok.”
You con the world and wish you could
Con yourself in the same way

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