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Anxiety Strikes

Like a bolt of lightning
Trapped in the body
Dashing from limb to limb
Seeking its freedom but only
Setting off extraneous thoughts and
Sending emotions into frenzies.

Anxiety’s Reign

A pressure in the chest –
Electricity and compression
Combined like lighting a fuse
And encasing the cannon’s end.

A struggle to breathe –
Pushing against a weight or
Speeding like fluttering wings
In a frantic race to nowhere.

A battle between needs –
Run, hide, rock, freeze, fight,
Cry, scream: pulling and pushing,
Everything necessary and now.

A storm in the mind –
Swirling, striking thoughts
Pecking, pacing, and repeating
Until all else hides or flees.

A pressure, a struggle,
A battle, a storm:
All needs, all now,
All nothing.


An earthquake bursting inside your chest
Like a tremor through your very soul:
Which is more frightening –
Fear itself
Or this reaction beyond control?

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