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A Common Conundrum

It is a task that I enjoy,
An action worth repeating,
But if I start the blogs again,
I’ll have less time for reading!

It’s not a very good excuse, but there you go. That’s why I’m late getting started again (1 reason). Whenever I get out of the habit of doing something, there’s always something else lurking in the wings, ready to jump out and take its place. In this case, reading and other chores have done a good job of it.

But that’s over now (well, as over as it gets). Although I haven’t decided on a new experiment, I’m going to start posting again and see what happens. Expect poetry at the very least. And as soon as I get caught up on worldbuilding and plotting, Deathwalker and Wind Town will update, too.

Em T. Wytte


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