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Merry Christmas!

Decadent dishes,
Presents, laughter, and singing:
Mellow exhaustion


A Winter Fanfare

A harsh, grinding scrape
Echoes through the hush of dawn:
Heralding the snow.

A Gray-white Canvas

A gray-white canvas
Highlights the dark, reaching lines,
Dabbed with red and gold

A Mix of Seasons

Thick, lacy flakes fall,
Glittering in warm sunlight:
Strange summer icing

Cuteness Is Sleeping

Exhausted from playing fetch Gray Kitten on shoe
Curled up on my shoe,
Exhausted from playing fetch –
Unbearably cute.

Like Magic

Darting through the air,
Nimble fingers flash and flick
Through dancing fire.


Enduring numbness
Overwhelmed by heavy fog:
A weighty trade-off

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