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A Gray-white Canvas

A gray-white canvas
Highlights the dark, reaching lines,
Dabbed with red and gold

A Mix of Seasons

Thick, lacy flakes fall,
Glittering in warm sunlight:
Strange summer icing

Cuteness Is Sleeping

Exhausted from playing fetch Gray Kitten on shoe
Curled up on my shoe,
Exhausted from playing fetch –
Unbearably cute.

Like Magic

Darting through the air,
Nimble fingers flash and flick
Through dancing fire.


Enduring numbness
Overwhelmed by heavy fog:
A weighty trade-off

Sun Salutation

A burst of sweetness
And an encompassing heat,
Singing with caffeine

Quivering and Cold

Quivering and cold,
The heart cries as the sun fades,
Leaving it alone.


Incessant movement
Of their untiring jaws
And the blowing winds

A Slender Hope

Two delicate drops,
Matching chain, exquisite dress,
Slender heels, and hope

Breaking Ground

Rustling grasses
Break the quivering silence
Then fade in the roar

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