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Seeking the Sunshine

Splashes of colours
Burst from their verdant covers
Seeking the sunshine


Feel the empty warmth,
Close your ears – ignore the call:
Sink into darkness

A Laughing Rhythm

A laughing rhythm
Above our heads dances with
Unseen companions

A Harsh Lesson

Eager little buds
Poke their heads out of the snow
And wish to return

Fleeing, Shrinking, Fled

Fleeing, shrinking, fled –
All conscious thoughts in my head
Like fish in a pool

An Ill Wind

Ignoring the skin,
The freezing wind strikes the heart
And spreads to the soul.

A Lectured Hall

A giant box of
Ordered rows – unordered minds
Yet to reconcile

Merry Christmas!

Decadent dishes,
Presents, laughter, and singing:
Mellow exhaustion

A Winter Fanfare

A harsh, grinding scrape
Echoes through the hush of dawn:
Heralding the snow.

A Gray-white Canvas

A gray-white canvas
Highlights the dark, reaching lines,
Dabbed with red and gold

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