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Drifting Thoughts

Shape poem the thought begins yet somehow drifts further and further away from its goal, b who can even remember what that was or has any idea of where it will end? Em T. Wytte

It’s been said that my thought patterns are like overlapping circles of lightning… I’m not entirely sure what that means.

A Stray Thought

I had a thought this morning –
It was a good one, too –
But I had other duties planned,
Other things to do.

And so I set the thought aside
For later (or so I thought).
Unfortunately, between now and then
My thought I quite forgot.

Now, later turns to never –
Or at least to “not today” –
For how can I complete a thought
When like a sheep it strays away?

Sleep Lost

First, the fog
Not drifting but drenched,
Weighting down thoughts
In a clinging web of thick paste.
Then, the wind burns through
A sizzling fire of a quick fuse
That sears the glue into rubber
Or maybe flubber – thoughts
So energized that they bounce
In erratic scatters of showers:
A constant, bubbling babble.
Too soon, the heat is gone,
But the once energetic balls
Are left scorched and jammed,
Hard and unmoving, into the
Walls, floor, ceiling, and void.
Around them, the murk is so
Thick it should be an ocean of
Flickering fish, but no such luck.
Movement is slow, laborious,
Haphazard, and hazardous.
Until at last, it simply
Stops completely.

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