Bloodletting 1

            “She’s waking up.”
            Hands held down the shaking body as she flailed and jerked instinctively. Her head thrashed from side to side as she fought to see. A field of blurry white. Light. Ceiling. Walls. Coats. Words she used to know rushed through her head. A dark head with black strings and a shiny metal circle leaned closer as they rushed by the walls.
            She wrenched back onto the gurney, as far away as she could get, nearly flinging herself off, and screamed wordlessly. The high, thin sound shattered the white with the gentleness of a knife. She couldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop the screaming. Couldn’t stop the images. Couldn’t stop anything. Tears ran down her face. She didn’t know.
            “God have mercy.”
            “Code Grey!”
            She continued to scream as strong hands pushed her back into place and thick restraints were fastened.
            “Haloperidol – get a 0.4mg – no, a 0.5mg syringe. Now!”
            It was as if she didn’t need to breath. Only scream. She didn’t stop until the drug replaced the white with utter blackness.

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