Website Successfully Emigrated & Immigrated

I guess I shouldn’t discuss the site as if it were alive, but it’s not exactly a migrating bird either. Plus, webhosts are really beginning to remind me of different countries – prepare for the language change, and let’s hope you have the right visa.

Anyway, after altogether too many complications for my skill level, the site has been migrated to WordPress. Please, let me know if you come across any problems because of it. I may tinker with the theme more later, but for now, I decided that the rough style suits the rough draft idea of the project. Plus, it’s readable and met all my other qualifications (ever get to the point where you’re so sick of trying different themes that you’re simply grateful to find one that works?).

This experience has brought home how little I know about the code that makes all of these sites work. I am very grateful to have sites like this where I can post and create without needing to know all the intricate details. At the same time, I will be all too happy to get back to the writing part.

After all, that’s what this site is all about.


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