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Two Clowns

RORY: It’s great! It’s like deep, you know! But funny too!

TIM: Yeah, sure.

RORY: No, really! It’s about mor…mori… morality!

TIM: Mortality.

RORY: Yeah! And about how it makes us equal. Like we’re the same as kings and stuff!

TIM: Try telling the boss we’re equal when he sees how slow you’re going.

RORY: Oh, c’mon, Tim. I wanted to see what it was like back then!

TIM: Then, put some back into it. Do you think a real one would’ve gotten to lollygag and chatter like that?

RORY: But in the play-

TIM: -Exactly. The play. Do me a favor and remember that. A play set at least 500 years ago. When people were buried on top of each other. Didn’t you say he had to dig people up to bury someone new?

RORY: Yeah, but-

TIM: -And when they didn’t have machines. Do you think that clown would’ve been using a shovel if he had a digger like this one?

RORY: No. But-

TIM: -But nothing. Now, stop fooling around and get this dug. Unless you want to tell Mr. Cotter’s family his interment is canceled because you were making a house to last ’til doomsday.

RORY: Oh. Sorry, Tim. I just really- wait. You did read it!


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