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Barely opened buds,
A hint of blushing white blooms –
Browned by sullen frost

I Write

I write to free the words
That dance within my soul.
I write to capture new ones
And feed them to the coals.

I write to build up mountains.
I write to tear them down.
I write to fly on feathered wings.
I write to wear a crown.

I write to explore the possible,
The impossible, and more –
I write and write until I find
What wasn’t there before.



A sweet morning’s peace,
Broken by staccato beats
Of tiny hammers

6 Word Short Story: So Tired

I fell asleep on the subway!

Shy Breezes

Cool breezes whisper
Of warming sunlight and heat
But hush when they come.


Enthralling color,
Sparkling stones, and
Soft, sensual, silkiness:
A feast for the fingers,
For the eyes – for the ego.


Tired &
Too behind
For a full post –
Not ’til after work.

Unseen Obstacles

A foot lifted and lowered hesitantly
In the dark, feeling its way
Around unseen obstacles,
Testing the floor,
For it has holes, gaps –
There are weak areas ready,
Just waiting to collapse.
Or slick spots, hoping to take
Your feet out from under you.
Or puddles that stick and
Drag behind you like a chain.
Each inch is measured in careful,
Cautious exploration.
First a toe to find a bare space,
Then, a little weight to
Test the give.
To test everything.
Even with your eyes open,
The unknown is slow going and
Meticulous care.
There’s no going forward
Until you feel safe (somewhat)
About what’s there.

Static Change

An unmoving bar
Measures the future in lies
As slow clouds speed by.

The Library

The aroma of aging paper and inks,
Drifts through and from
The forest of words
In clouds and rainstorms –
Arid winds and magic spells.
A tumultuous mix of stories
Remembered and relived,
Returned to mind and heart
With the slightest whiff
Of that familiar smell.

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