Monthly Archives: April 2016


Barely opened buds,
A hint of blushing white blooms –
Browned by sullen frost

I Write

I write to free the words
That dance within my soul.
I write to capture new ones
And feed them to the coals.

I write to build up mountains.
I write to tear them down.
I write to fly on feathered wings.
I write to wear a crown.

I write to explore the possible,
The impossible, and more –
I write and write until I find
What wasn’t there before.


A sweet morning’s peace,
Broken by staccato beats
Of tiny hammers

6 Word Short Story: So Tired

I fell asleep on the subway!

Shy Breezes

Cool breezes whisper
Of warming sunlight and heat
But hush when they come.


Enthralling color,
Sparkling stones, and
Soft, sensual, silkiness:
A feast for the fingers,
For the eyes – for the ego.


Tired &
Too behind
For a full post –
Not ’til after work.

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