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I Checked My Brain on a Flight to Spain

I checked my brain on a flight to Spain
And naively paid the fee,
But when we reached the airport,
I found myself brain-free.
The flight company waived all fault.
Insurance would not pay.
But why someone would want my brain,
I honestly cannot say.


Something I cannot (apparently) keep
Consistent: a seemingly
Doomed to fail repeatedly
Until or unless I (alone)
Learn and make an
Effort to change.

6 Word Short Story: The Countryside

A busted car and zero bars.

Easter Egg Hunt

Flashes of color
Snuck between grass, leaves, and earth:
Squeals, laughter, and tears.

6 Word Short Story: Just for a Second

May I borrow the time machine?


An earthquake bursting inside your chest
Like a tremor through your very soul:
Which is more frightening –
Fear itself
Or this reaction beyond control?


I stood in sand the color of sky
That stretched to infinity on any side,
An expanse of air or ground or cage
That constantly moved but never changed,
Rearranged exactly the same whether I
Or turned
Or closed my eyes:
A blank page without edge or divide.
A turn to the left: no change of view.
A step and a turn brought nothing new.
Until the sand moved,
And I stopped, too.


6 Word Short Story: Election Year

My bar tab’s getting too high.

Liquid Gold

The true alchemists
Fill crystal with liquid gold
That cools as it burns.

Whispered Secrets

Lush greens and purples
Shift and rustle in the wind,
Whispering secrets.

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