Monthly Archives: February 2016

Too Many Leftovers

Lovely to have so much tasty food!
Everything’s already prepared – it’s easy.
Food shouldn’t be wasted.
There must be something I can make out of this.
Obviously, I need to add fresh veggies – for nutrition.
Value the leftovers. Save money.
Ew. No. This can’t be good anymore, right?
Rubbish bin – no, I can’t waste food…but there’s
Still so much left!

Where Sky Ends

A sea full of sky
Big ripples through fluffy clouds:
Do we sail or fly?

Time Flies

Time flies like a star,
Shooting across your vision:
We get one brief glimpse.

A Poem Appeared

A poem appeared in my head last night
As I laid on my pillow to sleep
The words flowed like rapids,
Like a bubbling brook,
And the meaning was so rich and deep.
In the gray light of dawn
The words faded away
Like a spirit too shy to be seen
And even the meaning,
So strong in the night,
Became hidden, lost,
Like a dream.


If you have the strength to distort the parabola,
Aim straight for the target ahead.
If you do not, you must use the parabola,
And aim high above instead.


Fingers slow and then stop
In a ritardando of clicks –
Like a train coming to a halt,
The brain stalls,
The words flee,
And the story breaks down.
Time for a jump.

The Sound of Laughter

The sound of laughter
Echoing so merrily
Brightens like sunlight.

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