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The Little Boy & the Window

[Lights fade in on an empty room with an open window. From it is heard a lazy buzzing. The window’s screen is lying on the floor. A little boy runs into the room with a toy car.]

BOY: Vroooom! Vrooom! [He laughs as he bangs it into furniture and walls.] Vrooom! Honk! Honk! Get out of the way, or you’ll get run over! Vrooom! [The buzzing outside gets louder. The little boy sees the open window and screams.] Daaad! Aaaaaah! Daaad! [He drops the car and dives under the furniture, still screaming.]

DAD: What happened? Why are you under the- [He steps on the screen.] Did they sting you?

BOY: He wants them to! [The buzzing increases.]

DAD: Did they sting you?!

BOY: No!

DAD: Go to your room – no the bathroom! You have your pen?

BOY: Yes, but they’re-

DAD: Good. Use it if you get stung. Close the door until I tell you to open it, ok? Go now! [As soon as the little boy leaves the room, he dives for the window and slams it shut. The buzzing is quieter but still audible. There’s a shifting sound.] Don’t you dare open that window. Not an inch! You get the rest of those bees out of the house and close every window you opened. Do it now, or I swear we will move. And Missy moves with us. [We hear several windows shut abruptly, and the buzzing sound cuts off completely.] Don’t you ever do that again, or I will take them both and leave. You understand me? You will never. See. Her. Again.


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