Monthly Archives: January 2016

A Simple Kindness

A simple kindness
Blooms like a warm, glowing dawn,
Erasing shadows.

A Lonely Flower

Seventeen minutes
Later, a soft voice orders:
A lonely flower

Pandora’s Plight

Hovering, harmful and heavenly,
Over our souls,
Promising what may (or may not)
Ever come true.

Bright, Sunny Winter Day

Bright golden sunlight
Makes the yard look like summer.
The warmth is a lie.

Life Is Roses

They say that life is roses,
And it’s truer than they know.
It takes lots of time and trouble
To make a rosebush grow.
There are bugs that like to eat them.
They’re picky about their soil.
The wrong amount of light or water
Can ruin all your work and toil.
And even if you keep them living,
That doesn’t mean that they will bloom.
A scraggly coil of thorns and leaves
Is a rose without perfume.
But if you spray and snip and fertilize
And fortune favors you.
You may be gifted with some gorgeous blossoms
That last a week or two.


“Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,”
We sing the refrain
‘Til there are no tomorrows,
And we’re out of todays.

The Answer Is “Yes”

I’m tired. It’s late.
What is pure truth, and what is

Thoughts Delayed

An update to come –
Thoughts have been delayed by fog.
See booth for transfer.

Dreams Woken by Daylight

Slowly, the night fades,
And dreams woken by daylight
Disappear like stars.


Successes too far past to count
Failures too close to forget
Goals like rainbows overhead:
Glowing hope and regret.

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