Monthly Archives: May 2016

Bad Customer Service

Planting frustration
Nurturing and tending it
Until it blossoms.

Willpower Spent

Willpower spent,
A page unfurled:
Hours lost
In another world.

Brighter Than Sunlight

A soft, gentle touch:
A warm beacon to the soul –
Brighter than sunlight

Transmission Complete

Words said specifically
To shape meaning
Reshaped by ears
By minds – changed

Transmission complete
Communication failed

New words attempted,
Reshaped once more –
Still reformed,

Game over.

Blurred Focus

The world spins and blurs
Inside this hot and cold chill:
A shield to break through

6 Word Short Story: Cannot Predict Now

Ask me when I’m conscious again.

A Tourist

A colorful ghost
Floats between our world and his
And back with a smile

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