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Scary Stories in the Dark

The following conversation occurs in absolute darkness.

TC: And then, she poured boiling water directly into my mouth!

[Gasping in unison]

PC: No!

DC: She didn’t!

TC: She did.

B: They all do. They’ll drown you in water so hot, it’ll peel the enamel off.

TC: [To PC] Or melt you. [To DC] Or leave you to slowly fall apart.

PC: No, no, they can’t!

TC: They will.

DC: Not to us! We’ll run away.

B: [With a mocking laugh] How? We’re trapped here.

DC: They have to open the door sometime. We’ll make a run for it!

PC: But where will we go? We-

TC: Hush! They’re coming.

A sliver of light appears and then widens as the door opens. The camera angle changes, showing a hand reaching into a cabinet of dishes. From the top shelf, a plastic cup and a dixie cup topple over the edge. The human looks startled, shakes her head, and tosses them in the trash. Then, she takes out a plate and closes the cabinet, returning the screen to darkness.

TC: [Laughing] Works every time.


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