Monthly Archives: August 2016

Leaf Piles in the Wind

Scattered all over
Thoughts flutter and disappear:
Leaf piles in the wind

6 Word Short Story in a Play: Bon Appetit

SHARON: Dad! Is something burning?

DAD: Dinner’s ready!

6 Word Short Story: Catastrophe

“Mom, come quick! The internet’s down!”

A Seat at the Bar

A moment of peace,
Sweetened by cold drinks
And decadent dishes –
A solitary bubble
In the bustling chaos
And excited crowds –
A gilded throne,
Metaphorically speaking:
The royal treatment
Without the toll.

6 Word Short Story: Poorly Thought-Out Request

           “Here. Taste this.”
           “With this cold?!”

Goddess of Air

Like a goddess freed
The air casts off the magma
And dances higher

Exhaustion Drags Downward

Exhaustion drags downward
Like a soaked cloak –
No, a sturdy shield:
Heavy enough to dispel attacks,
Simultaneously trapping
The inexperienced.

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