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6 Word Short Story: Insomnia

Sometimes, sleep is a 4-letter word.

Another Hand

Another hand,
Laying down its weight,
Adding a stack
To the too-full plate.
Another task,
Small and yet bold,
Ignoring the max
That the table can hold.

The Office

Tac tic fingers click
Apart together apart
A chorus but not

A Trivial Pursuit

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: “Silence is rest the. Thee follow I-”

CONSCIOUS MIND: -What the…? You ok?

SM: “I have not been well. I am confused by shadows.”

CM: Hamlet backwards… and is that from Man of la Mancha?

SM: “It is possible I knew you once. I do not remember.”

CM: You can stop now. I’m-

SM: “-a lumberjack, and I’m ok-”


SM: “No, no, no – no. I’m Jane.”

CM: No more quoting! I mean it!

SM: “Anybody want a peanut?”

CM: “Aaaah!”

A Poet’s Tragedy

Not tetrameter?
A simple counting error:
Syllables gone wild

They Called It a Flame

They called it a flame.
I saw only darkness,
A cold, blackened void
No oxygen, tinder, or spark
Still, they told me to guard it,
To feed it. To nurture
That imagined thing in the dark.
That warm, fiery glow
In a night left unlit,
That flicker unseen
In a place without wind.
Heat unfelt, unobtainable
Insubstantial, unreal:
How can you protect
What you can’t even feel?

Already Fading

Like a feeling so strong
The world fades

A hook caught in flesh until
Resistance is painful

As years of experiences are
Drawn through you

All the thrills and excitement of living
Separate from personal cares

Taking a moment, hours, forever:
Over too soon.

One Rainy Summer Day

A roaring jet engine in the morning,
A voice distorter by noon:
Gigantic, beating bee wings became
A buzzing barber’s tool.
Then, a floundering helicopter,
No, a demonic dentist’s drill
Was transformed into a spaceship
That hovered, dark and still.
In the evening, it was a tornado,
And at night, it was a song,
A lullaby and soft goodbye
To daydreams already gone.

6 Word Short Story: Frightening Truth

“This will hurt,” the “doctor” said.

The Signs of a Summer Cold

That ache in your throat,
The burning behind your eyes,
And constant whining.

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